France Presidential Debate, Portable electronic devices mostly prohibited, Apple iPad

March 21, 2017

When a politician speaks in France, can it move U.S. markets? Oui. Markets reacted to the first French Presidential debate, where the more centrist candidate, Emmanuel Macron, appeared to beat far-right wing candidate Marine Le Pen. A win by Macron could lead to more certainty and more consistency in immigration policies, so investors see this as good news. Stock markets opened on positive footing, while Bonds were lower in price.

The use of small, portable electronic devices is now … mostly prohibited. At least on flights from ten airports in the Middle East and North Africa. Anything other than a mobile phone must be checked. The latest travel restriction out of Washington D.C., made in efforts to limit national security threats, was issued early today, and carriers have 96 hours to comply.

Apple is making headlines again with the introduction of its least expensive iPad to date and special edition red iPhone. The 9.7-inch iPad has a brighter Retina display and starts at $329. The (Product)Red iPhone 7 was developed in partnership with (RED). Both will be available starting March 24.