Fannie Mae reported solid earnings, Telecommuting workers and heavy workloads means eating out less

February 17, 2017

Government sponsored entity Fannie Mae reported solid earnings on Friday as the secondary mortgage market provider has rebounded sharply from when the housing bubble burst back in 2008. Fannie Mae reported fourth quarter net income of $5 billion and a positive net worth of $6.1 billion. The company said it will pay the treasury a $5.5 billion dividend in March, which is part of the bailout put forth when Fannie Mae was in severe trouble back in 2008 when the government stepped in and saved it from going under.

In this day and age of telecommuting workers and heavy workloads, the once precious eating out for lunch is declining. NPD Group Industry analyst there are a lot more people working from home nowadays. In addition, the shift to shopping online means that many more people don’t head to the malls on their lunch hours and don’t hit the fast-food joint on their way back to the office. Fast food visits for lunchtime fell by 2% in 2016. In addition, more people are watching their finances and bringing lunch. The old days of the two-martini lunch is decreasing.