15 Year vs. 30 Year Mortgage Calculator

While it is not always an option at the beginning of a mortgage, knowing the difference in what your total costs will be can make things much easier. It can help some decide whether a 30 year or a 15 year mortgage is the best way for them to go. It is important to know all the financial details whenever considering a mortgage or refinance, and this calculator is another excellent tool to help you do that. Realizing the savings and the monthly payments for each choice can help you determine if there are other areas you can reduce expenses in the shorter term to save significant money on the total.


When you click on the calculators tab at the top of our site, select our 15-year vs. 30-year mortgage calculator on the drop-down menu. It will open in an online form that allows you to input your information. Enter your values and hit calculate, and a window will appear showing you what each monthly payment will be, as well as what the total cost will be for both options. Many love to use this tool to have a more reliable picture of what their expenses will be. Moreover, it can help them to budget in order to determine which choice will work the best for their situation and lifestyle.


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