Fannie Mae reports that Americans across the nation are more optimistic

June 11, 2013

Standard & Poor’s announced yesterday morning that it has raised the credit ooutlook for the U.S. to stable from negative based on its view of the strengths of the U.S. economy and monetary system, as well as the U.S. dollar’s status as the world’s key reserve currency. S&P went on to say that stronger than expected private sector contributions to economic growth, combined with the payback of bailout funds from Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, which reflects a continued housing market, have led the Congressional Budget Office to revise down its estimates for future government deficits.

Fannie Mae reports that Americans across the nation are more optimistic when it comes to buying or selling a home in its monthly National Housing Survey. Fannie said that the those who responded that now is a good time to sell a home reached a record high of 40% in May, up from 30% in April and 16% in May of 2012. In addition, those who were surveyed who say it is a good time to buy a home increased by 5% to a survey high of 78%. The survey also revealed the percentage of people who expect their personal financial situation to get better over the next 12 months held steady at 41%.

The summer season is just underway and as vacationers head to the beaches or parks to soak up some sun, people are being advised that the sunscreen you apply to avoid from burning may have already expired. Some of the bottles have expiration dates and some don’t – the date of expiration is optional for the manufacturer. The industry says that sunscreens can last for three years, but critics say that if an expiration date is not on the product, it can become confusing. A noted dermatologist said that if he doesn’t see an expiration date on the bottle, he wouldn’t buy it.